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Synergy is our new intuitive platform that combines virtual, augmented, and mixed realities, which makes it easy for you to meet and work in shared virtual spaces.
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We strive towards changing the world and positively contribute to the progress of global innovation. With Synergy, businesses are introduced to a new universe of virtual meeting places, where people from different cultures all over the world can find a shared space for training, testing, and developing competencies in a simple, sustainable and motivating way.

– Mads Troelsgaard, CEO Unity Studios

Externally, we can now provide our customers with a much richer presentation of products, than with traditional PDFs and PowerPoints. Internally, we can now strengthen how we share knowledge, train, and enable people to meet, even in times of a pandemic.

– Grundfos

At Haldor Topsoe, we have a relationship built on trust with Synergy, and they are Microsoft partners, which is another stamp of quality and accountability. With so many unknowns in the digital transformation, having a company we can trust to collaborate with has been crucial.

– Haldor Topsoe

The only thing our customers had to do, was to connect to Wi-Fi and participate in the sales meetings they were digitally invited to. No travels, flights, or physical contact.

– Grundfos

The flexibility of the tool and the platform, and the devices, combined with assets that are secure in one location has been very helpful for us to come into this digital transformation.

– Haldor Topsoe

Rather than just serving a finished product, Synergy has been helping us to understand how we can work in the new digital world.

– Haldor Topsoe

We have talked about virtual reality for many years, and Synergys succeeds in building the important bridge between technology and businesses, which is only growing in importance with the global pandemic.

– VF Venture, Vaekstfonden

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Get in contact with us and install your Synergy apps on your PC, VR, AR and MR devices

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Upload your own 3D models, documents, videos & images to your private, secure cloud platform

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Place, share, visualize and interact with your content across VR, AR and MR with colleagues

Synergy Available on multiple platforms

Synergy is the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts. Through one shared platform we tied together Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality.

Synergy is currently available on the following platforms:

Synergy XR on iPad and iPhone
Synergy XR on VR
Synergy XR on HoloLens 2

In Synergy with our planetfor a sustainable future

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At Unity Studios, we strive to take part in preserving our climate and encourage new solutions that contribute to the sustainable development of organizations through technological change.

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With Synergy, we have a strong vision to comply with the UN Sustainable Development Goals by providing organizations with innovative technological tools to more sustainable ways of conducting business.

We provide a new solution, which is easy to use and empowers organizations and people to engage in less harmful activities towards the environment. With Synergy, organizations can significantly lower the time and money spent on plane rides all over the world.

Introducing businesses to a new universe of virtual meeting-places, where people from different cultures all over the world can find a shared space for training, testing, and developing competencies in a simple and motivating way, we hope to encourage organizations to not only work more efficiently but more sustainable.

– Unity Studios

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We develop Award-winning solutions

Unity Studios have made a habit of pushing the boundaries of technology

Unity Studios originates from Unity Technologies (the original developers of the Unity technology) and have more than 10 years of XR expertise and completed more than 200 successful projects for some of the biggest global companies such as P&G, VW, GSK, IKEA, Grundfos, Velux, Akzonobel, Maersk, Total, and many more.

Unity Studios is a Certified Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner since 2017 – the first in Scandinavia and has won several awards for digital transformation, design, and training.