Synergy AR

Share designs or products with colleagues or customers instantly in AR. Provide users direct access to additional product information, webpage, and purchase options.

Business value:

  • Provide product designers and -developers an efficient tool for new product development.
  • View product iterations in initial design stages to ensure rapid 3D prototyping.
  • An effective sales tool for visualizing products to customers in a real-life setting.
  • Gain access to your complete product catalogue on the go.
  • Reduce the costs of transporting products to customers and expositions.

Video Preview

View your own products and 3D models in real environments through the lens of a smartphone or tablet.

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Synergy AR for design


With Synergy AR, designers and developers have the optimal tool to visualize product designs in the right environments, already in initial stages of the design -and development phase. With AR technology, people can interact with 3D models in real spaces, in order to create the most beneficial conditions for evaluations and reviews. Thus, product iterations can already be made and reviewed in the initial development phase, ensuring an efficient process of 3D prototyping, shortening the time-to-market for new product innovations.


With Synergy AR, you always have access to your entire product catalogue, digitally on a smartphone or tablet. This creates an interactive dimension to sales presentations and expositions, as it enables customers and users to experience products in full scale and in real life environments, while decreasing the need to transport products to customers and expositions. By enabling customers to interact with products prior to purchase, it creates a highly engaging purchase process, leading to a strong and positive relationship between you and your customers.

Synergy AR for Sales
Synergy AR for onboarding


Employees simply install the Synergy AR application on their smartphones or tablets, and they now how the opportunity to visualize and interact with everything from 3D models of your company’s finished products and early development of prototypes, to video and text material. This results in a strong organizational alignment, empowering and motivating employees to achieve a 360 degree understanding and feeling of the corporate identity and core-values, increasing the sense of belonging to the organization.

Synergy XRTools

Synergy is an XR toolbox, developed to create the best opportunities for your organization, all connected through your own private cloud-based platform.

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