Synergy Manager

Create synergy between your company’s XR tools through one platform, that is easy to navigate, search, and manage.

Business value:

  • Upload and manage your own content – 3D models, videos, images, PDFs, and more.
  • Security ensured by the award-winning Microsoft Azure backend.
  • Share your content across the entire organization.
  • An easy-to-use, tag-based search engine for instant access to backend content.
  • Compatible with the entire Synergy product-family.
  • On-the-go access to the entire content catalog enabled by cloud technologies.

Man browsing the synergy manager application

Build on Microsoft Azure

Centralizing content

With the Synergy platform, your organization has one private and secure place for all content! Simply drag and drop to upload your 3D models, PDFs, images, and videos. The content will be available in the cloud in a heartbeat, ready to be used across VR, AR, and MR! Do you have a new prototype design you want to present to stakeholders in an engaging and effective way? Simply upload the latest 3D model, and you will be able to visualize it instantly for better decision making. You can easily find the right content due to our simple, tag-based search layer, enabling multi-dimensional searches. 

Removing barriers

Synergy is the tool that enables your organizations to reap all the benefits of XR technologies. We believe that working effectively with XR should be as easy as setting up a PowerPoint presentation. That’s the vision behind Synergy – we want organizations all over the world to be able to create value with our platform, right from the start! Synergy is made for all employees, not just the IT experts. With the Synergy platform, it has never been easier to set up and manage your own XR experiences.  

Removing barriers with Synergy
Collaborate effectively a cross platforms with Synergy XR

Effective collaboration

Collaboration is key to every organization. With Synergy, you can improve the collaboration in your company by utilizing our XR tools to optimize your work processes, especially when stakeholders are geographically dispersed. With Synergy, you can collaborate across platforms, and our Synergy Manager PC application enables you to upload and manage all your content. XR is the future of digital collaboration, and Synergy is the platform where your organization can reap all the benefits and value in a safe and intuitive space!  

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