Mixed Reality

Remote support from anywhere in the world through live voice and video stream, all hands-free to solve the task. Create your own visual step-by-step work instructions or training scenarios. Save your setups and allow your colleagues to access them when needed.

Business value:

  • Get hands free support from remote experts, via live video stream.
  • Reduce the need for idle service technicians and expensive traveling.
  • Increase safety when operating heavy and complex machinery.
  • Standardize work procedures through step-by-step guidance.
  • Decrease the likelihood of human error and machine downtime.

Video Preview

Get help from experts located anywhere in the world through live voice and video stream, all while you have your hands free to solve the task.

Synergy MR for step-by-step guidance

Step-by-step guidance

With Synergy, you have an easy and intuitive tool to decrease the likelihood of human error and machine downtime by standardizing work procedures through the HoloLens. You have hands-free access to critical information and work procedures, right where it matters the most. Simply set up a guided scenario, save it, and key knowledge is now accessible in an applicable way that doesn’t compromise with the safety of your employees. 

Remote support

With Synergy, you have quick access to expert knowledge no matter where in the world you are. You eliminate travel time, as local resources can receive the necessary support remotely and reduce time-to-resolution and potential downtime. The remote expert can provide guidance through VoIP and live video stream from a PC, or utilize virtual reality to be present in the actual location, providing the optimal settings for effective collaboration and problem solving. 

Synergy MR for remote support
Synergy MR for visualizing and interacting with 3D models

View and interact

With Synergy, 3D content to come alive. You view and interact with 3D models of your products or machinery. You can also show PDFs, videos, and images next to or on top of physical installations and machines, while still having your hands free to solve the task. You are flexible to navigate around a larger plant, while still having access to all necessary material and can even receive live IoT data. 

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