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Since 2008, we've been developing tailor-made interactive solutions for industry-leading organizations. Through our work, a pattern of similar needs and demands have been identified across various industries. Based on these needs, we have developed SynergyXR.


Unity Studios is an experienced software development -and technical consultancy company, specializing in Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, and Augmented Reality. Unity Studios was originally created by the founders of Unity Technologies, the developers of the 3D engine Unity, which is used for developing more than 60% of all VR applications and 90% of all HoloLens applications worldwide.

Unity Studios was launched in 2008 as an independent company and today develops award-winning solutions, creating value globally for both people and organizations by improving decision-making processes, time-to-market solutions, communication, learning, employee satisfaction, and organizational efficiency, while reducing operational costs.


Unity Studios is recognized both nationally and globally, within a broad variety of awards in categories such as Learning & Development, Design, Transformation of Products, Optimization of Operations, and Communication.

Trusted references

+10 years of experience in delivering XR solutions to large corporations.

Close collaborator

Experienced in consulting and assisting at the strategy level.

Certified Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner and 

ISV Partner. 

Certified Partner

IT & Data Security

Updated IT infrastructure, data backups, and version control on all software.

Your trusted partner in digital transformation

We've won a few awards along the way

From Microsoft Partner  and Learning Tech to German and Danish Design, our colleagues around the world have recognized our contributions to the industry.

And we've worked for some of the world's biggest companies

Our industry experience includes everything from FMCG and Pharmaceuticals to Automotive and Software. 


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