Synergy PC

Collaborate with your colleagues from all around the world and provide remote expert support. 

Business value:

  • Instant transfer of expert knowledge across locations. 
  • Reduce the need for idle service technicians and expensive traveling.
  • Decrease the time to resolution, and hence machine downtime. 
  • Provide next level support, increasing safety, and performance.
  • Reduce CO2 emissions for a sustainable future.  

Synergy XR for PC

Utilize video, voice, and the scan from the HoloLens for next-level support.

Remote Support

With the Synergy Assist application for PC, you can support colleagues and partners from all over the world. You can be connected in seconds with voice and live video feed. By using the scan from the HoloLens you have the ideal setup for providing next-level support. As a remote expert, you can be located at your local office without traveling to remote locations. As local resources are equipped with a HoloLens, you can be on-site and ready to solve tasks within moments. By offering remote support, you save time and travel costs, creating value from both an economic and environmental perspective.

Share critical information

Upload and share relevant content with your onsite colleagues to be seen through the Microsoft HoloLens. You can share 3D models, videos, images, and PDFs, which the onsite worker can see right next to the machine or installation, while still having the hands free to solve the task. Imagine that your colleague runs into a situation that requires a certain SOP – you can share it instantly from our PC application, to be used instantly in Mixed Reality. With Synergy, you always have instant access to expert knowledge, reducing uncertainty and increasing flexibility for your employees.

Share critical content with Synergy
Get spatial understanding with Synergy MR

Spatial understanding

Use the 3D scan from the HoloLens for spatial understanding. Guide your colleagues around large plants or production sites by placing beacons they can follow. Draw circles and place arrows to highlight important details, such as specific machine parts or components. As an expert, you see exactly what your colleague sees through the live video feed, while the HoloLens scan gives you the right spatial overviewScans are automatically saved to the backend and can be easily accessed at any time. Combining the HoloLens scan with 3D models creates a detailed environment, providing the expert with optimal conditions for effective support.  

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