• Corey Morris, CMO at SynergyXR

Introducing SynergyXR 1.5 - the latest features, improvements and upgrades you’ve been waiting for

Updated: Apr 19

Users can now meet across multiple devices, delivering a true synergy experience. Have an important meeting with someone outside your team? Now you can create guest users in seconds. Also, we’ve made it easier for multiple users to quickly design virtual training, onboarding and storytelling scenarios across multiple devices.

We’ve unlocked “true synergy” by letting users collaborate across Oculus Quest, HoloLens, and desktop PC.

Unlocking true synergy

With 1.5, we’ve unlocked “true synergy” by letting users collaborate across Oculus Quest, HoloLens, and desktop PC. This means that you can meet and collaborate virtually with coworkers from anywhere in the world from the device of your choice. We've also aligned the user experience across these three platforms to make sure that the login flow, session creation, content interaction, etc. deliver the same familiar feeling on all platforms.

Guest users in flash

We’re happy to share that you can now create Guest Users in just a few steps. These are temporary users who you can give limited access when working on projects with colleagues from outside of your organization. To create a guest user, visit the SynergyXR Portal.

You can now create spatial step-by-step presentations and scenarios on all three platforms (VR, MR and PC).

Training on the fly

You can now create spatial step-by-step presentations and scenarios on all three platforms (VR, MR and Desktop PC). All you have to do is add a sequence of steps one at a time while walking through the scenario. These are especially good for virtual training, onboarding or storytelling. And of course, you can co-create scenarios with multiple colleagues who might want to join the fun.

A major visual upgrade in SynergyXR 1.5 is crisper text, better 3D models and higher-resolution PDF’s.

Better look and feel

We’ve worked hard on improving the overall look and feel of the platform, so you can look forward to experiencing crisper text, better 3D models and higher-resolution PDF’s. We’ve also upgraded SynergyXR – Manager, which now supports material data describing the color, roughness, shininess, etc. to increase the realism of how 3D models appear in SynergyXR.

Virtual rooms and digital doubles

SynergyXR now ships with multiple virtual rooms to help companies get started faster. Also, in this latest release we’re now able to support custom virtual rooms that let companies meet in a digital double of an existing space, for instance an industrial installation, company auditorium or a production line. If you need help preparing these spaces, let us know.

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SynergyXR 1.5 – technical release notes

Renaming of applications

  • Synergy Conference -> SynergyXR

  • Synergy Discover -> SynergyXR

  • Synergy Assist -> SynergyXR

  • Synergy Operate -> SynergyXR - for HoloLens

  • Synergy Manager -> SynergyXR - Manager

Separation of "physical" and "virtual" location

  • Physical location: a digital double of a real physical location. This is created in "SynergyXR – for HoloLens" by scanning the surroundings to create an environment mesh. Spatial anchors are used to ensure the physical location can be found and re-aligned again later.

  • Virtual location: a pure virtual environment for meetings in VR and on PC. A pure digital 3D model is used as the environment model.

True collaboration between VR/MR/PC

  • When hosting a multi-user session in a physical location, users on all platforms can join the session.

  • When hosting a multi-user session in a virtual location, users on VR and PC platforms can join the session.

  • Virtual locations are missing the anchors needed by HoloLens to properly align the location.

  • Any number of each platform can join a session - e.g. multiple HoloLens on-site in a physical location.

Co-authoring across VR/MR/PC

  • Users with "author" permission can seamlessly switch between "view" and "author" mode during a session without leaving the location.

  • When in "author" mode, all users with "author" permission can edit the location

  • Add/edit/remove static content and scenarios.

  • Save changes to locations and individual scenarios in a location.

  • Not all tools are supported on all platforms yet - e.g. it is only possible to draw in VR - but the result is visible on all platforms.

Aligned interaction across VR/MR/PC

  • Content interactions had been aligned across the supported platforms.

  • Same bounding-box with scale and rotate handles.

  • Same ray for far-interaction.

  • The entire surface of content viewers can now be grabbed, instead of only the small grab-handle underneath the viewer.

  • Support for customer-specific virtual environments for custom virtual locations

  • Saved in the customers' own Workspace.

  • For now, these must be prepared by Unity Studios to ensure correct placement and proper visual fidelity (lighting, reflections, etc.).

Scenarios are supported across VR/MR/PC

  • Create, view, and edit scenarios across all supported platforms.

Improved visuals on SynergyXR (for Oculus Quest)

  • Decreased "flickering" on content especially visible on 3D models and text (increased levels of Multi-Sample Anti-Aliasing).

Improved PDF content viewer

  • Increase readability by showing at much higher resolution.

  • Only show a single page at a time to improve performance.

  • Page up/down controls.

  • Reduce "flickering" from a distance by using mipmaps.

Improved 3D model pipeline

  • Support for multiple materials and textures: albedo, metallic, specular, normal, occlusion, emission.

  • Support for animations - the first animation baked into the model is automatically played in a looping animation when placed.

  • The original source 3D models will have to be re-uploaded for these changes to take effect.

Smaller improvements for SynergyXR - Manager

  • The window can now be resized/full screen - the UI will be stretched to fit the window height/width while maintaining the aspect ratio.

Guest users

  • Invite guest users to your Workspace.

  • Guest users have limited validity (2 days, 1 week, 2 weeks or 1 month).

  • Guest users have the same access permissions as Viewers.

  • Guest users will receive an auto-generated 6-digit password to ease onboarding.

Better handling of default content

  • To better handle the default content offered as part of SynergyXR, we have created a Common Workspace where the content is stored.

  • Individual Workspaces have read-only access to this Common Workspace.

  • Organizations already using default content will experience duplicates of these because of the new Common Workspace. You can delete existing content all tagged with “default assets”, since these are now stored in the Common Workspace. If this content is used in a Space, you will have to insert the content again manually, ensuring the new Common Workspace is used.