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Microsoft Mesh - 3 quick takes on the new mixed-reality collaboration platform

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Microsoft announced Mesh on Tuesday at their digital conference Ignite.

On Tuesday at Microsoft's Ignite digital conference, the company announced Microsoft Mesh, a new mixed-reality platform (powered by Azure) that lets people collaborate and share holographic images online.

Our CTO Sune Wolff was there for the announcement, so we asked him to share his first takes on the new product:

1. What was the first thought that popped into your head when they announced Microsoft Mesh?

Finally! I was really just happy to see that Microsoft is taking on some of the tough challenges of delivering of cross-device XR experiences, that we’ve spent years to solve for SynergyXR.

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2. Why do you think Microsoft is focusing on an offering like this?

At the end of the day, Microsoft is trying to make it easier for partners, like us, to build complex multi-user XR experiences. With Mesh, it’ll be easier for developers to integrate Microsoft Mixed Reality services like Spatial Anchors and Remote Rendering and help widen and accelerate adoption in industry.

3. What does this say about the XR market in general?

The XR market is maturing – that's for sure. Mesh will make it easier for developers to create new XR experiences, while SynergyXR will make it easier for end-users to setup their own virtual presentations across XR devices. When combined, technologies like ours and theirs will ensure wider and faster adoption of XR technologies to the point that it’ll become a natural part of how we work and live.

Images from Mesh and Alex Kipman, Technical Fellow for AI and Mixed Reality at Microsoft, on stage during the announcement



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