• Mathias Riisgaard

Mixed Reality, what is it and why companies are using it now more than ever

What happens when Virtual Reality meets Augmented Reality? We get Mixed Reality. And now, we can merge the physical and virtual world.

While Augmented Reality enables you to view and move digital objects in real environments through your phone and Virtual Reality encapsulates you into a new virtual world, Mixed Reality is the hybrid between the two. Using the HoloLens glasses from Microsoft you can stay connected with real world, interact with digital holograms and even share your point of view with others.

Unlocking the link between people and the hybrid of digital and physical spaces, Mixed Reality is the merger of the real and virtual worlds. The technology produces new shared environments, where the physical and digital world can co-exist and interact with each other.

What's a HoloLens and how to use it?

With SynergyXR, you can share your point of view and provide remote support to keep your business running.

In simple words, the Microsoft HoloLens glasses, is a wireless pair of advanced computer glasses. Using a bunch of sensors, special optics and holographics, the glasses enable you to create digital holograms that easily co-exist with your real environment. With the HoloLens you can always share your vision (think 3D skype), create holographic scenarios, and support your co-workers in new ways right when and where they need it. Create reusable holograms for your co-workers to watch and interact with for increased optimal support.

Discover how SynergyXR makes it easier for companies to get started with Mixed Reality

The best part is you can create this all by yourself. Making your own holograms is as easy as click and place. Simply upload your own content to the cloud and view it as holograms when you and your colleagues need it the most.

How to unleash the power of Mixed Reality

With Mixed Reality, you can seamlessly interact with 3D holograms to accelerate learning and maintenance.

There is no doubt that Mixed Reality has a rapid growing potential in almost every line of business. With the ability to create 3D holograms with the ability to intuitively guide your co-workers through a series of training steps. Learn how to operate a machine with interactive and helpful 3D guidance. It’s only a matter of time before Mixed Reality is the standard tool for training employees. You can accelerate your onboarding- and training process by letting co-workers and new hires learn at their own pace through intuitive holographic scenarios.

When digital holograms can co-exist and interact with the physical environment it becomes incredibly easy for people to collaborate remotely. Imagine having the ability to instantly connect with co-workers (in the form of holograms) from anywhere in the world to offer remote support on site. This means, you can always connect your entire global workforce without having to travel to foreign locations, or leave the comfort of your home or office.

Unlock the amazing powers of Mixed Reality in your oganization today. Book a free demo and give us a moment to show you how easy it is to get started.



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