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SynergyXR now among the 25 best in the world with Microsoft Mixed Reality Gold Partner status

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CEO Mads Troelsgaard and CTO Sune Wolff share what the Gold Partnership status with Microsoft means for the team and how it benefits our community.

CEO Mads Troelsgaard (left) and CTO Sune Wolff (right) are proud to be among the 25 best HoloLens developers

Q: What does the Mixed Reality Gold Partnership mean for the SynergyXR team?

Mads: For starters, we’ve been working with Microsoft for some time now, so to be included in the Gold Partner Program is a nod to our hard work with Mixed Reality. We’re always working towards creating the best solutions for HoloLens, so for Microsoft to recognize our efforts is a huge stamp of quality and proves we’re among the best in our industry.

Sune: Microsoft is recognizing us as some of the very best HoloLens developers in the world. Globally, there are roughly 150 Microsoft Partners, but only 25 are Gold Partners. This puts us in the company of the 25 best in the world - fully earned of course! Even better, we’re now able to work even closer with Microsoft about future SynergyXR features and services.

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“This puts us in the company of the 25 best in the world -fully earned of course!”

Q: How did SynergyXR achieve Gold Partner status?

Mads Troelsgaard: Well, it’s chiefly because we’re among the 25 best HoloLens developers in the world. Every single day, we’re introducing new businesses and industries to our HoloLens solutions. This means we’re among the key players driving HoloLens hardware and software to new markets through the SynergyXR platform.

Sune Wolff: I think it has a lot to do with having a team of world class developers. Also, since the entire SynergyXR platform is built on the Microsoft Azure cloud, it drives growth for us and for them. Lastly, we’ve been working closely with Microsoft to test new solutions on the Azure cloud and collaborating with them on data security is a way for us to ensure that our customers never have to worry about their data being safe and sound. I’m confident that our close partnership with Microsoft has played a role in us achieving this status.

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Q: What does the Gold Partnership mean for the SynergyXR community?

Mads Troelsgaard: I think our community of users can feel even safer when it comes to security and quality when using SynergyXR. As a part of the Microsoft Gold Partner Program, our users will know we’re certified to develop HoloLens solutions at the highest quality. Also, for those in our community already working with Microsoft on other platforms, we ensure SynergyXR is fully compatible with the rest of their digital ecosystem. It’s about making sure we deliver the most value to our community and this status certainly helps.

Sune Wolff: Well, it’s really about delivering the highest level of HoloLens solutions, where the quality of the experience and level of data security are - and continue to be - our top priority. This stamp of approval speaks to that and helps us - and especially our customers - work with peace of mind knowing that we’re working tirelessly to deliver the best for them.

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