Synergy VR

Collaborate with your colleagues across the world in interactive VR meetings, product presentations, design reviews, or training classes.

Business value:

  • Digitize and standardize employee education in a cost-friendly and time-efficient manner.
  • Reduce environmental footprint and costs related to travel.
  • Knowledge sharing across organizational- and geographical boundaries.
  • Increase the quality of internal communication.
  • Ensure complete focus through immersive surroundings.

Video Preview

Simply add 3D models, PDF-files, images or videos into the virtual environment and interact more natural with stakeholders.

Works with
Vive Oculus
Synergy VR meetings


Meetings in virtual reality, provides the optimal conditions for internal communication and decision making, as interactions are very similar to real life meetings. Employees from various parts of the world can meet in a custom shared virtual space, where participants can interact, just like in the real world, and use backend content, such as PDFs, images, videos, and dashboards to support communication. Thus, Synergy VR significantly decreases the need for business travels and reduces environmental costs, encouraging sustainable high-level internal communication. 


With Synergy VR, training and onboarding of employees is taken to the next level. By using virtual reality, organizations can digitize and standardize employee education in a cost-friendly and time efficient manner. Knowledge is not tied to specific individuals, but is withheld and spread throughout the organization by standardized virtual training. When training in VR, multiple employees can train simultaneously without taking machinery out of production, and employees can try and fail without material consequences. Training in VR is also cognitively beneficial, adapting a learning-by-doing approach, which significantly increases the quality of training and learning, while making it fun at the same time. 

Synergy VR training
Synergy for VR events


With Synergy VR it is possible to host events in a shared virtual space. VR enables participants to walk around and interact with each other and content, just as if they were meeting in the real world. Customizations of rooms and spaces allow hosts to design the virtual space exactly like it was a physical showroom. Thus, it is possible for organizations to host events such as internal expositions, conferences and meetings within a secure virtual environment, that can be tailored and custom designed in order to create the optimal conditions.  

Synergy XRTools

Synergy is an XR toolbox, developed to create the best opportunities for your organization, all connected through your own private cloud-based platform.

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